Managing Disk Quotas

The NTFS file system supports disk quotas, which allow administrators to control the amount of data that each user can store on an NTFS file system volume. Administrators can optionally configure the system to log an event when users are near their quota, and to deny further disk space to users who exceed their quota. Administrators can also generate reports, and use the event monitor to track quota issues.

You can determine whether a file system supports disk quotas by calling the GetVolumeInformation function and examining the FILE_VOLUME_QUOTAS bit flag.

In this section

Topic Description
User-level Administration of Disk Quotas
How to get more free disk space after exceeding the quota allowance.
System-level Administration of Disk Quotas
The system administrator can set quotas for specific users on a volume. The administrator can also set default quotas for the volume.
Disk Quota Limits
Describes two types of disk quota limits and how disk quota limits are measured.
Disk Quota Interfaces
Interfaces used with disk quotas.