Obtaining and Setting File Information

The following topics describe how to get and set file information.

In this section

Topic Description
Retrieving File Type Information
The GetFileType function retrieves the type of a file: disk, character (such as a console), pipe, or unknown.
Determining the Size of a File
The GetFileSize function retrieves the size of a file.
Searching for One or More Files
An application can search the current directory for all file names that match a given pattern by using the FindFirstFile, FindFirstFileEx, FindNextFile, and FindClose functions.
Setting and Getting the Timestamp of a File
Applications can retrieve and set the date and time a file is created, last modified, or last accessed by using the GetFileTime and SetFileTime functions.
Determining the Current Character Set Code Page
The AreFileApisANSI function determines whether the file I/O functions are using the ANSI or OEM character set code page.