Mounted Folder Functions

The mounted folder functions can be divided into three groups: general-purpose functions, functions used to scan for volumes, and functions used to scan a volume for mounted folders.

General-Purpose Mounted Folder Functions

Function Description
DeleteVolumeMountPoint Deletes a drive letter or mounted folder.
GetVolumeNameForVolumeMountPoint Retrieves the volume GUID path for the volume that is associated with the specified volume mount point (drive letter, volume GUID path, or mounted folder).
GetVolumePathName Retrieves the mounted folder that is associated with the specified volume.
SetVolumeMountPoint Associates a volume with a drive letter or a directory on another volume.


Volume-Scanning Functions

Function Description
FindFirstVolume Returns the name of a volume on a computer. FindFirstVolume is used to begin enumerating the volumes of a computer.
FindNextVolume Continues a volume search started by a call to FindFirstVolume.
FindVolumeClose Closes a search for volumes.


Mounted Folder Scanning Functions

Function Description
FindFirstVolumeMountPoint Retrieves the name of a mounted folder on the specified volume. FindFirstVolumeMountPoint is used to begin scanning the mounted folders on a volume.
FindNextVolumeMountPoint Continues a mounted folder search started by a call to FindFirstVolumeMountPoint.
FindVolumeMountPointClose Closes a search for mounted folders.