Bitmap Functions (Windows GDI)

The following functions are used with bitmaps.

Function Description
AlphaBlend Displays a bitmap with transparent or semitransparent pixels.
BitBlt Performs a bit-block transfer.
CreateBitmap Creates a bitmap.
CreateBitmapIndirect Creates a bitmap.
CreateCompatibleBitmap Creates a bitmap compatible with a device.
CreateDIBitmap Creates a device-dependent bitmap (DDB) from a DIB.
CreateDIBSection Creates a DIB that applications can write to directly.
ExtFloodFill Fills an area of the display surface with the current brush.
GetBitmapDimensionEx Gets the dimensions of a bitmap.
GetDIBColorTable Retrieves RGB color values from a DIB section bitmap.
GetDIBits Copies a bitmap into a buffer.
GetPixel Gets the RGB color value of the pixel at a given coordinate.
GetStretchBltMode Gets the current stretching mode.
GradientFill Fills rectangle and triangle structures.
LoadBitmap Loads a bitmap from a module's executable file.
MaskBlt Combines the color data in the source and destination bitmaps.
PlgBlt Performs a bit-block transfer.
SetBitmapDimensionEx Sets the preferred dimensions to a bitmap.
SetDIBColorTable Sets RGB values in a DIB.
SetDIBits Sets the pixels in a bitmap using color data from a DIB.
SetDIBitsToDevice Sets the pixels in a rectangle using color data from a DIB.
SetPixel Sets the color for a pixel.
SetPixelV Sets a pixel to the best approximation of a color.
SetStretchBltMode Sets the bitmap stretching mode.
StretchBlt Copies a bitmap and stretches or compresses it.
StretchDIBits Copies the color data in a DIB.
TransparentBlt Performs a bit-block transfer of color data.


Obsolete Functions

The following functions are provided only for compatibility with 16-bit versions of Microsoft Windows: