Color Functions

The following functions are used with color.

Function Description
AnimatePalette Replaces entries in the specified logical palette.
CreateHalftonePalette Creates a halftone palette for the specified device context (DC).
CreatePalette Creates a logical palette.
GetColorAdjustment Retrieves the color adjustment values for the specified DC.
GetNearestColor Retrieves a color value identifying a color from the system palette that will be displayed when the specified color value is used.
GetNearestPaletteIndex Retrieves the index for the entry in the specified logical palette most closely matching a specified color value.
GetPaletteEntries Retrieves a specified range of palette entries from the given logical palette.
GetSystemPaletteEntries Retrieves a range of palette entries from the system palette that is associated with the specified DC.
GetSystemPaletteUse Retrieves the current state of the system (physical) palette for the specified DC.
RealizePalette Maps palette entries from the current logical palette to the system palette.
ResizePalette Increases or decreases the size of a logical palette based on the specified value.
SelectPalette Selects the specified logical palette into a device context.
SetColorAdjustment Sets the color adjustment values for a DC using the specified values.
SetPaletteEntries Sets RGB (red, green, blue) color values and flags in a range of entries in a logical palette.
SetSystemPaletteUse Allows an application to specify whether the system palette contains 2 or 20 static colors.
UnrealizeObject Resets the origin of a brush or resets a logical palette.
UpdateColors Updates the client area of the specified device context by remapping the current colors in the client area to the currently realized logical palette.