Rectangle Functions

The following functions are used with rectangles.

Function Description
CopyRect Copies the coordinates of one rectangle to another.
EqualRect Determines whether the two specified rectangles are equal by comparing the coordinates of their upper-left and lower-right corners.
InflateRect Increases or decreases the width and height of the specified rectangle.
IntersectRect Calculates the intersection of two source rectangles and places the coordinates of the intersection rectangle into the destination rectangle.
IsRectEmpty Determines whether the specified rectangle is empty.
OffsetRect Moves the specified rectangle by the specified offsets.
PtInRect Determines whether the specified point lies within the specified rectangle.
SetRect Sets the coordinates of the specified rectangle.
SetRectEmpty Creates an empty rectangle in which all coordinates are set to zero.
SubtractRect Determines the coordinates of a rectangle formed by subtracting one rectangle from another.
UnionRect Creates the union of two rectangles.