Hyper-V replication API reference

The Hyper-V replication API defines the following programming elements.

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Topic Description
Represents the settings for a network adapter within the guest operating system, which will be applied at the time of a failover.
Represents the available providers for replication.
Represents replication status for a replication relationship.
Represents an association between an instance of the CIM_ComputerSystem class that represents the virtual machine replica and an instance of the CIM_ComputerSystem class that represents the test virtual machine replica.
Represents an authorization entry for a recovery server.
Manages the replication for a virtual machine.
Represents the settings for the replication service on a recovery host. The properties for this class cannot be modified directly. The client must call the Msvm_ReplicationService.ModifyServiceSettings method to modify any of these properties.
Represents the replication-specific settings for a virtual machine. The client passes an instance of this class to Msvm_ReplicationService.CreateReplicationRelationship to create a replication relationship. The client can't directly change the values of any of the properties for this class; it must call the Msvm_ReplicationService.ModifyReplicationSettings method to change the values. Each replication relationship has a single instance of settings.
Provides replication statistics for a virtual machine.
Represents an association between an instance of Msvm_ComputerSystem that represents the virtual machine and an instance of Msvm_ReplicationRelationship that represents a replication relationship of the virtual machine.