Since LOCALE_NOUSEROVERRIDE disables user preferences, its use is strongly discouraged. This constant does not guarantee data stability since custom locales, service updates, different operating system versions, and other scenarios can change data in unexpected ways. For more information, see Using Persistent Locale Data.


No user override. In several functions, for example, GetLocaleInfo and GetLocaleInfoEx, this constant causes the function to bypass any user override and use the system default value for any other constant specified in the function call. The information is retrieved from the locale database, even if the identifier indicates the current locale and the user has changed some of the values using the Control Panel, or if an application has changed these values by using SetLocaleInfo. If this constant is not specified, any values that the user has configured from the Control Panel or that an application has configured using SetLocaleInfo take precedence over the database settings for the current system default locale.