Table of Geographical Locations

This topic lists the available geographical locations with identifiers (data type GEOID). Your applications can use these identifiers when calling the following NLS functions, which have parameters that take the GEOID data type:

Geographical location identifier (Hex) Geographical location identifier (decimal) Location (Short Name) Location (Long Name)
0x2 2 Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda
0x3 3 Afghanistan Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
0x4 4 Algeria Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria
0x5 5 Azerbaijan Republic of Azerbaijan
0x6 6 Albania Republic of Albania
0x7 7 Armenia Republic of Armenia
0x8 8 Andorra Principality of Andorra
0x9 9 Angola Republic of Angola
0xa 10 American Samoa Territory of American Samoa
0xb 11 Argentina Argentine Republic
0xc 12 Australia Commonwealth of Australia
0xe 14 Austria Republic of Austria
0x11 17 Bahrain Kingdom of Bahrain
0x12 18 Barbados Barbados
0x13 19 Botswana Republic of Botswana
0x14 20 Bermuda Bermuda
0x15 21 Belgium Kingdom of Belgium
0x16 22 Bahamas, The Commonwealth of The Bahamas
0x17 23 Bangladesh People's Republic of Bangladesh
0x18 24 Belize Belize
0x19 25 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
0x1a 26 Bolivia Plurinational State of Bolivia"
0x1b 27 Myanmar Republic of the Union of Myanmar
0x1c 28 Benin Republic of Benin
0x1d 29 Belarus Republic of Belarus
0x1e 30 Solomon Islands Solomon Islands
0x20 32 Brazil Federative Republic of Brazil
0x22 34 Bhutan Kingdom of Bhutan
0x23 35 Bulgaria Republic of Bulgaria
0x25 37 Brunei Negara Brunei Darussalam
0x26 38 Burundi Republic of Burundi
0x27 39 Canada Canada
0x28 40 Cambodia Kingdom of Cambodia
0x29 41 Chad Republic of Chad
0x2a 42 Sri Lanka Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
0x2b 43 Congo Republic of the Congo
0x2c 44 Congo (DRC) Democratic Republic of the Congo
0x2d 45 China People's Republic of China
0x2e 46 Chile Republic of Chile
0x31 49 Cameroon Republic of Cameroon
0x32 50 Comoros Union of Comoros
0x33 51 Colombia Republic of Colombia
0x36 54 Costa Rica Republic of Costa Rica
0x37 55 Central African Republic Central African Republic
0x38 56 Cuba Republic of Cuba
0x39 57 Cabo Verde Republic of Cabo Verde
0x3b 59 Cyprus Republic of Cyprus
0x3d 61 Denmark Kingdom of Denmark
0x3e 62 Djibouti Republic of Djibouti
0x3f 63 Dominica Commonwealth of Dominica
0x41 65 Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
0x42 66 Ecuador Republic of Ecuador
0x43 67 Egypt Arab Republic of Egypt
0x44 68 Ireland Ireland
0x45 69 Equatorial Guinea Republic of Equatorial Guinea
0x46 70 Estonia Republic of Estonia
0x47 71 Eritrea State of Eritrea
0x48 72 El Salvador Republic of El Salvador
0x49 73 Ethiopia Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
0x4b 75 Czech Republic Czech Republic
0x4d 77 Finland Republic of Finland
0x4e 78 Fiji The Republic of Fiji
0x50 80 Micronesia Federated States of Micronesia
0x51 81 Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
0x54 84 France French Republic
0x56 86 Gambia Republic of The Gambia
0x57 87 Gabon Gabonese Republic
0x58 88 Georgia Georgia
0x59 89 Ghana Republic of Ghana
0x5a 90 Gibraltar Gibraltar
0x5b 91 Grenada Grenada
0x5d 93 Greenland Greenland
0x5e 94 Germany Federal Republic of Germany
0x62 98 Greece Hellenic Republic
0x63 99 Guatemala Republic of Guatemala
0x64 100 Guinea Republic of Guinea
0x65 101 Guyana Cooperative Republic of Guyana
0x67 103 Haiti Republic of Haiti
0x68 104 Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
0x6a 106 Honduras Republic of Honduras
0x6c 108 Croatia Republic of Croatia
0x6d 109 Hungary Republic of Hungary
0x6e 110 Iceland Republic of Iceland
0x6f 111 Indonesia Republic of Indonesia
0x71 113 India Republic of India
0x72 114 British Indian Ocean Territory British Indian Ocean Territory
0x74 116 Iran Islamic Republic of Iran
0x75 117 Israel State of Israel
0x76 118 Italy Italian Republic
0x77 119 Côte d'Ivoire Republic of Côte d'Ivoire
0x79 121 Iraq Republic of Iraq
0x7a 122 Japan Japan
0x7c 124 Jamaica Jamaica
0x7d 125 Jan Mayen Jan Mayen
0x7e 126 Jordan Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
0x7f 127 Johnston Atoll
0x81 129 Kenya Republic of Kenya
0x82 130 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Republic
0x83 131 North Korea Democratic People's Republic of Korea
0x85 133 Kiribati Republic of Kiribati
0x86 134 Korea Republic of Korea
0x88 136 Kuwait State of Kuwait
0x89 137 Kazakhstan Republic of Kazakhstan
0x8a 138 Laos Lao People's Democratic Republic
0x8b 139 Lebanon Republic of Lebanon
0x8c 140 Latvia Republic of Latvia
0x8d 141 Lithuania Republic of Lithuania
0x8e 142 Liberia Republic of Liberia
0x8f 143 Slovakia Slovak Republic
0x91 145 Liechtenstein Principality of Liechtenstein
0x92 146 Lesotho Kingdom of Lesotho
0x93 147 Luxembourg Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
0x94 148 Libya Libya
0x95 149 Madagascar Republic of Madagascar
0x97 151 Macao SAR Macao Special Administrative Region
0x98 152 Moldova Republic of Moldova
0x9a 154 Mongolia Mongolia
0x9c 156 Malawi Republic of Malawi
0x9d 157 Mali Republic of Mali
0x9e 158 Monaco Principality of Monaco
0x9f 159 Morocco Kingdom of Morocco
0xa0 160 Mauritius Republic of Mauritius
0xa2 162 Mauritania Islamic Republic of Mauritania
0xa3 163 Malta Republic of Malta
0xa4 164 Oman Sultanate of Oman
0xa5 165 Maldives Republic of Maldives
0xa6 166 Mexico United Mexican States
0xa7 167 Malaysia Federation of Malaysia
0xa8 168 Mozambique Republic of Mozambique
0xad 173 Niger Republic of Niger
0xae 174 Vanuatu Republic of Vanuatu
0xaf 175 Nigeria Federal Republic of Nigeria
0xb0 176 Netherlands Kingdom of the Netherlands
0xb1 177 Norway Kingdom of Norway
0xb2 178 Nepal Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
0xb4 180 Nauru Republic of Nauru
0xb5 181 Suriname Republic of Suriname
0xb6 182 Nicaragua Republic of Nicaragua
0xb7 183 New Zealand New Zealand
0xb8 184 Palestinian Authority Palestinian National Authority
0xb9 185 Paraguay Republic of Paraguay
0xbb 187 Peru Republic of Peru
0xbe 190 Pakistan Islamic Republic of Pakistan
0xbf 191 Poland Republic of Poland
0xc0 192 Panama Republic of Panama
0xc1 193 Portugal Portuguese Republic
0xc2 194 Papua New Guinea Independent State of Papua New Guinea
0xc3 195 Palau Republic of Palau
0xc4 196 Guinea-Bissau Republic of Guinea-Bissau
0xc5 197 Qatar State of Qatar
0xc6 198 Réunion Department of Réunion
0xc7 199 Marshall Islands Republic of the Marshall Islands
0xc8 200 Romania Romania
0xc9 201 Philippines Republic of the Philippines
0xca 202 Puerto Rico Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
0xcb 203 Russia Russian Federation
0xcc 204 Rwanda Republic of Rwanda
0xcd 205 Saudi Arabia Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
0xce 206 Saint Pierre and Miquelon Territorial Collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon
0xcf 207 Saint Kitts and Nevis Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
0xd0 208 Seychelles Republic of Seychelles
0xd1 209 South Africa Republic of South Africa
0xd2 210 Senegal Republic of Senegal
0xd4 212 Slovenia Republic of Slovenia
0xd5 213 Sierra Leone Republic of Sierra Leone
0xd6 214 San Marino Republic of San Marino
0xd7 215 Singapore Republic of Singapore
0xd8 216 Somalia Federal Republic of Somalia
0xd9 217 Spain Kingdom of Spain
0xda 218 Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
0xdb 219 Sudan Republic of the Sudan
0xdc 220 Svalbard Svalbard
0xdd 221 Sweden Kingdom of Sweden
0xde 222 Syria Syrian Arab Republic
0xdf 223 Switzerland Swiss Confederation
0xe0 224 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
0xe1 225 Trinidad and Tobago Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
0xe3 227 Thailand Kingdom of Thailand
0xe4 228 Tajikistan Republic of Tajikistan
0xe7 231 Tonga Kingdom of Tonga
0xe8 232 Togo Togolese Republic
0xe9 233 São Tomé and Príncipe Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe
0xea 234 Tunisia Tunisian Republic
0xeb 235 Türkiye Republic of Türkiye
0xec 236 Tuvalu Tuvalu
0xed 237 Taiwan Taiwan
0xee 238 Turkmenistan Republic of Turkmenistan
0xef 239 Tanzania United Republic of Tanzania
0xf0 240 Uganda Republic of Uganda
0xf1 241 Ukraine Ukraine
0xf2 242 United Kingdom United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
0xf4 244 United States United States of America
0xf5 245 Burkina Faso Burkina Faso
0xf6 246 Uruguay Oriental Republic of Uruguay
0xf7 247 Uzbekistan Republic of Uzbekistan
0xf8 248 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
0xf9 249 Venezuela Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
0xfb 251 Vietnam Socialist Republic of Vietnam
0xfc 252 U.S. Virgin Islands Virgin Islands of the United States
0xfd 253 Vatican City State of Vatican City
0xfe 254 Namibia Republic of Namibia
0x102 258 Wake Island
0x103 259 Samoa Independent State of Samoa
0x104 260 Swaziland Kingdom of Swaziland
0x105 261 Yemen Republic of Yemen
0x107 263 Zambia Republic of Zambia
0x108 264 Zimbabwe Republic of Zimbabwe
0x10d 269 Serbia and Montenegro (Former) Serbia
0x10e 270 Montenegro Montenegro
0x10f 271 Serbia Serbia
0x111 273 Curaçao
0x12c 300 Anguilla Anguilla
0x114 276 South Sudan The Republic of South Sudan
0x12d 301 Antarctica Antarctica
0x12e 302 Aruba Aruba
0x12f 303 Ascension Island
0x130 304 Ashmore and Cartier Islands Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands
0x131 305 Baker Island
0x132 306 Bouvet Island
0x133 307 Cayman Islands Cayman Islands
0x134 308 Channel Islands
0x135 309 Christmas Island Territory of Christmas Island
0x136 310 Clipperton Island
0x137 311 Cocos (Keeling) Islands Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands
0x138 312 Cook Islands
0x139 313 Coral Sea Islands Coral Sea Islands Territory
0x13a 314 Diego Garcia
0x13b 315 Falkland Islands Falkland Islands
0x13d 317 French Guiana Department of Guiana
0x13e 318 French Polynesia Territory of French Polynesia
0x13f 319 French Southern Territories Territory of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands
0x141 321 Guadeloupe Department of Guadeloupe
0x142 322 Guam Territory of Guam
0x143 323 Guantanamo Bay
0x144 324 Guernsey Bailiwick of Guernsey
0x145 325 Heard Island and McDonald Islands Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands
0x146 326 Howland Island
0x147 327 Jarvis Island
0x148 328 Jersey Bailiwick of Jersey
0x149 329 Kingman Reef
0x14a 330 Martinique Department of Martinique
0x14b 331 Mayotte Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte
0x14c 332 Montserrat Montserrat
0x14d 333 Netherlands Antilles (Former)
0x14e 334 New Caledonia Territory of New Caledonia and Dependencies
0x14f 335 Niue
0x150 336 Norfolk Island Territory of Norfolk Island
0x151 337 Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
0x152 338 Palmyra Atoll
0x153 339 Pitcairn Islands Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno Islands
0x154 340 Rota Island
0x155 341 Saipan
0x156 342 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
0x157 343 St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha
0x15a 346 Tinian Island
0x15b 347 Tokelau Tokelau
0x15c 348 Tristan da Cunha
0x15d 349 Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands
0x15f 351 British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands
0x160 352 Wallis and Futuna Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands
0x2e6 742 Africa
0x851 2129 Asia
0x292d 10541 Europe
0x3b16 15126 Isle of Man Isle of Man
0x4ca2 19618 North Macedonia The Former Yugoslav Republic of North Macedonia
0x51a4 20900 Melanesia
0x52d6 21206 Micronesia Federated States of Micronesia
0x52fa 21242 Midway Islands
0x5c1d 23581 Northern America
0x66ae 26286 Polynesia
0x69ca 27082 Central America
0x69ea 27114 Oceania
0x78f7 30967 Sint Maarten Country of Sint Maarten
0x7aa4 31396 South America
0x7bda 31706 Saint Martin Overseas Collectivity of Saint Martin
0x989e 39070 World
0xa5f3 42483 Western Africa
0xa5f4 42484 Middle Africa
0xa5f7 42487 Northern Africa
0xb9e6 47590 Central Asia
0xb9ef 47599 South-Eastern Asia
0xb9f0 47600 Eastern Asia
0xb9f3 47603 Eastern Africa
0xb9f9 47609 Eastern Europe
0xb9fa 47610 Southern Europe
0xb9fb 47611 Middle East Western Asia
0xb9fe 47614 Southern Asia
0x6f60e7 7299303 Timor-Leste Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
0x974941 9914689 Kosovo Kosovo
0x98fd76 10026358 Americas
0x9906f5 10028789 Åland Islands Åland Islands
0x993248 10039880 Caribbean
0x99324a 10039882 Northern Europe
0x99324b 10039883 Southern Africa
0x9bce08 10210824 Western Europe
0x9bce09 10210825 Australia and New Zealand
0x9a55c4f 161832015 Saint Barthélemy Overseas Collectivity of Saint Barthélemy
0x9a55d40 161832256 U.S. Minor Outlying Islands United States Minor Outlying Islands
0x9a55d41 161832257 Latin America and the Caribbean
0x9a55d42 161832258 Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba