Uniscribe Functions

This section describes functions for typography and for complex script processing.

Function Description
ScriptApplyDigitSubstitution Applies the specified digit substitution settings to the specified script control and script state structures.
ScriptApplyLogicalWidth Takes an array of advance widths for a run and generates an array of adjusted advance glyph widths.
ScriptBreak Retrieves information for determining line breaks.
ScriptCacheGetHeight Retrieves the height of the currently cached font.
ScriptCPtoX Generates the x offset from the left end or leading edge of a run to either the leading or trailing edge of a logical character cluster.
ScriptFreeCache Frees a script cache.
ScriptGetCMap Retrieves the glyph indexes of the Unicode characters in a string according to either the TrueType cmap table or the standard cmap table implemented for old-style fonts.
ScriptGetFontAlternateGlyphs Retrieves a list of alternate glyphs for a specified character that can be accessed through a specified OpenType feature.
ScriptGetFontFeatureTags Retrieves a list of typographic features for the defined writing system for OpenType processing.
ScriptGetFontLanguageTags Retrieves a list of language tags that are available for the specified item and are supported by a specified script tag for OpenType processing.
ScriptGetFontProperties Retrieves information from the font cache on the special glyphs used by a font.
ScriptGetFontScriptTags Retrieves a list of scripts available in the font for OpenType processing.
ScriptGetGlyphABCWidth Retrieves the ABC width of a given glyph.
ScriptGetLogicalWidths Converts the glyph advance widths for a specific font into logical widths.
ScriptGetProperties Retrieves information about the current scripts.
ScriptIsComplex Determines whether a Unicode string requires complex script processing.
ScriptItemize Breaks a Unicode string into individually shapeable items.
ScriptItemizeOpenType Breaks a Unicode string into individually shapeable items and provides an array of feature tags for each shapeable item for OpenType processing.
ScriptJustify Creates an advance widths table to allow text justification when passed to the ScriptTextOut function.
ScriptLayout Converts an array of run embedding levels to a map of visual-to-logical position and/or logical-to-visual position.
ScriptPlace Generates glyph advance width and two-dimensional offset information from the output of ScriptShape.
ScriptPlaceOpenType Generates glyphs and visual attributes for a Unicode run with OpenType information from the output of ScriptShapeOpenType.
ScriptPositionSingleGlyph Positions a single glyph with a single adjustment using a specified feature provided in the font for OpenType processing.
ScriptRecordDigitSubstitution Reads the National Language Support (NLS) native digit and digit substitution settings and records them in a SCRIPT_DIGITSUBSTITUTE structure.
ScriptShape Generates glyphs and visual attributes for a Unicode run.
ScriptShapeOpenType Generates glyphs and visual attributes for a Unicode run with OpenType information.
ScriptStringAnalyse Analyzes a plain text string.
ScriptStringCPtoX Retrieves the x coordinate for the leading or trailing edge of a character position.
ScriptStringFree Frees a SCRIPT_STRING_ANALYSIS structure.
ScriptStringGetLogicalWidths Converts visual widths into logical widths.
ScriptStringGetOrder Creates an array that maps an original character position to a glyph position.
ScriptStringOut Displays a string generated by a prior call to ScriptStringAnalyse and optionally adds highlighting.
ScriptString_pcOutChars Returns a pointer to the length of a string after clipping.
ScriptString_pLogAttr Returns a pointer to a logical attributes buffer for an analyzed string.
ScriptString_pSize Returns a pointer to a SIZE structure for an analyzed string.
ScriptStringValidate Checks a SCRIPT_STRING_ANALYSIS structure for invalid sequences.
ScriptStringXtoCP Converts an x coordinate to a character position.
ScriptSubstituteSingleGlyph Enables substitution of a single glyph with one alternate form of the same glyph for OpenType processing.
ScriptTextOut Displays text for the specified script shape and place information.
ScriptXtoCP Generates the leading or trailing edge of a logical character cluster from the x offset of a run.