Network DDE Functions

[Network DDE is no longer supported. Nddeapi.dll is present on Windows Vista, but all function calls return NDDE_NOT_IMPLEMENTED.]

The following functions are used with network DDE.

Function Description
NDdeGetErrorString Converts an error code returned by a network DDE function into an error string that explains the returned error code.
NDdeGetShareSecurity Retrieves the security descriptor associated with the DDE share.
NDdeGetTrustedShare Retrieves the options associated with a DDE share that is in the server user's list of trusted shares.
NDdeIsValidAppTopicList Determines whether an application and topic string ("AppName|TopicName") uses the proper syntax.
NDdeIsValidShareName Determines whether a share name uses the proper syntax.
NDdeSetShareSecurity Sets the security descriptor associated with the DDE share.
NDdeSetTrustedShare Grants the specified DDE share trusted status within the current user's context.
NDdeShareAdd Creates and adds a new DDE share to the DDE share database manager (DSDM).
NDdeShareDel Deletes a DDE share from the DSDM.
NDdeShareEnum Retrieves the list of available DDE shares.
NDdeShareGetInfo Retrieves DDE share information.
NDdeShareSetInfo Sets DDE share information.
NDdeTrustedShareEnum Retrieves the names of all network DDE shares that are trusted in the context of the calling process.