Pipe Functions

The following function is used with anonymous pipes.

Function Description
CreatePipe Creates an anonymous pipe.


The following functions are used with named pipes.

Function Description
CallNamedPipe Connects to a message-type pipe, writes to and reads from the pipe, and then closes the pipe.
ConnectNamedPipe Enables a named pipe server process to wait for a client process to connect to an instance of a named pipe.
CreateNamedPipe Creates an instance of a named pipe and returns a handle for subsequent pipe operations. A client process connects to a named pipe by using the CreateFile or CallNamedPipe function.
DisconnectNamedPipe Disconnects the server end of a named pipe instance from a client process.
GetNamedPipeClientComputerName Retrieves the client computer name for the specified named pipe.
GetNamedPipeClientProcessId Retrieves the client process identifier for the specified named pipe.
GetNamedPipeClientSessionId Retrieves the client session identifier for the specified named pipe.
GetNamedPipeHandleState Retrieves information about a specified named pipe.
GetNamedPipeInfo Retrieves information about the specified named pipe.
GetNamedPipeServerProcessId Retrieves the server process identifier for the specified named pipe.
GetNamedPipeServerSessionId Retrieves the server session identifier for the specified named pipe.
ImpersonateNamedPipeClient Impersonates a named-pipe client application.
PeekNamedPipe Copies data from a named or anonymous pipe into a buffer without removing it from the pipe.
SetNamedPipeHandleState Sets the read mode and the blocking mode of the specified named pipe.
TransactNamedPipe Combines the functions that write a message to and read a message from the specified named pipe into a single network operation.
WaitNamedPipe Waits until either a time-out interval elapses or an instance of the specified named pipe is available for a connection.