Publishing Wizards

This section describes the Windows XP publishing wizards.

Topic Contents
Client-Side Design Script in server-side HTML pages communicates with the Online Print Ordering Wizard client in which it is hosted. This communication is accomplished through methods and properties accessed by the window.external object.
Publishing Wizards Introduction Windows XP introduces the Web Publishing Wizard and Online Print Ordering Wizard. Based on the same framework, these wizards provide the user with a simple mechanism for publishing content to a website or for ordering prints made from digital image files.
Registering a Service To add your service to the list of providers in either the Web Publishing Wizard or the Online Print Ordering Wizard, you must add the appropriate key and its values to the Windows registry.
Server-Side Design Server-side functions communicate with the client wizard through the windows.external object. Server-side script provides these functions to respond to wizard events and to retrieve information about the wizard.
Using the Transfer Manifest The Web Publishing Wizard and Online Print Ordering Wizard use the transfer manifest to communicate details of data transfer between the client computer and the server site.