Media Sources

Media sources are objects that generate media data in the Media Foundation pipeline. This section describes the media source APIs in detail. Read this section if you are implementing a custom media source, or using a media source outside of the Media Foundation pipeline.

If your application uses the control layer, it needs to use only a limited subset of the media source APIs. For information, see the topic Using Media Sources with the Media Session.

In this section

Topic Description
Media Source Object Model
This topic describes the object model for media sources in Microsoft Media Foundation
Presentation Descriptors
A presentation descriptor is an object that contains the description of a particular presentation.
Media Source Events
This topic lists the events that are sent by media sources and media streams.
Writing a Custom Media Source
This topic describes how to implement a custom media source in Media Foundation.
Case Study: MPEG-1 Media Source
This topic takes an in-depth look at the MPEG-1 Media Source SDK Sample.
Custom Metadata Providers for Media Files
This topic describes how to write a custom Shell property handler for a Media Foundation media source.
Source Resolver
The source resolver takes a URL or byte stream and creates the appropriate media source for that content.


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Custom Metadata Providers for Media Files

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