OPM Status Requests

This section lists the available status requests for Output Protection Manager (OPM). To send an OPM status request, call IOPMVideoOutput::GetInformation. For each request, the following information is listed.

Value Description
Request GUID Identifies the request. Set the guidSetting member of the OPM_GET_INFO_PARAMETERS structure equal to this value.
Input data Specifies how to interpret the abParameters array in the OPM_GET_INFO_PARAMETERS structure.
Output data Specifies how to interpret the abRequestedInformation array in the OPM_REQUESTED_INFORMATION structure.


The following status requests are defined:

Status request Description
OPM_GET_ACP_AND_CGMSA_SIGNALING Returns the following information about a video output:
OPM_GET_ACTUAL_OUTPUT_FORMAT Returns a description of the video signal that is being transmitted over the connector.
OPM_GET_ACTUAL_PROTECTION_LEVEL Returns the global protection level for a specified protection mechanism.
OPM_GET_ADAPTER_BUS_TYPE Returns the type of I/O bus used by the video output.
OPM_GET_CODEC_INFO Gets the merit value of a hardware codec.
OPM_GET_CONNECTED_HDCP_DEVICE_INFORMATION Gets information about a High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) device attached to the video output. The following information is returned:
OPM_GET_CONNECTOR_TYPE Returns the physical connector type of the video output.
OPM_GET_CURRENT_HDCP_SRM_VERSION Returns the version number of the system renewability message (SRM) currently used by the video output.
OPM_GET_DVI_CHARACTERISTICS Queries whether a digital video interface (DVI) connector supports DVI version 1.1 or later.
OPM_GET_OUTPUT_ID Returns the unique identifier of the monitor associated with this video output.
OPM_GET_SUPPORTED_PROTECTION_TYPES Returns the list of protection mechanisms that are supported by the connector.
OPM_GET_VIRTUAL_PROTECTION_LEVEL Returns the virtual protection level for a specified protection mechanism.


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