Transcode Attributes

The following attributes are used with the transcode API.

Attribute Description
MF_TRANSCODE_ADJUST_PROFILE Profile flags that define the stream settings for the transcode topology.
MF_TRANSCODE_CONTAINERTYPE Specifies the container type of an encoded file.
MF_TRANSCODE_DONOT_INSERT_ENCODER Specifies whether an encoder must be included in the transcode topology.
MF_TRANSCODE_ENCODINGPROFILE Specifies the device conformance profile for encoding Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) files.
MF_TRANSCODE_QUALITYVSSPEED Specifies the tradeoff between encoding quality and encoding speed.
MF_TRANSCODE_SKIP_METADATA_TRANSFER Specifies whether metadata is written to the transcoded file.
MF_TRANSCODE_TOPOLOGYMODE Specifies whether the topology loader will load hardware-based transforms.


Transcode API

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