include attribute

The ACF include statement specifies one or more header files to be included in the generated stub code.

include filenames;



Specifies the name of one or more C-language header files. Use the full file name, including the .H extension and enclose each file name in quotation marks. Separate multiple C-language header file names with commas.


As a result of the include statement, the generated stub code will contain a C-preprocessor #include statement. You supply the C-language header file when compiling the stubs. Include statements rely on the C-compiler mechanism of searching the directory structure for included files.


Use the import directive rather than the include directive for system files that contain data types you want to make available to the IDL file. The import directive ignores function prototypes and allows you to use MIDL compiler switches that optimize the generation of support routines.



include "local.h";
include "gendefs.h", "protos.h", "mystuff.h";

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