MIDL Command-Line Reference

This section contains reference information for each command-line switch and switch option recognized by the Microsoft RPC MIDL compiler. Switch entries are arranged in alphabetical order. General MIDL Command-line Syntax describes the general command-line syntax.

General MIDL Command-line Syntax
The Response File Command
/cstruct_out /cstub
/help (/?)
/no_cpp, /nocpp

The MIDL compiler can generate code for different platforms and system releases. Consult the /target switch to learn more about suggested switches and how to generate code optimized for a given release.

Note that the minus sign (–) may be substituted for the slash (/) in all MIDL command-line switches that begin with a slash (/). The following example demonstrates their equivalence when invoking the MIDL compiler.


midl /acf my_acf.acf filename**.idl**

midl -acf my_acf.acf filename**.idl**