A Localization Example

This example illustrates how to localize the Windows Installer package described in An Installation Example. The original installation package is changed from an English into French language version.

The localization sample has the following specifications:

  • The installation UI for the application MNP2000 should be changed from English to French.
  • The French version of MNP2000 includes Readme.txt and Help.txt files written in the French language.
  • The French version includes a list of travel agents in France that can provide tickets to Red Park Arena. This list (provided as a new file, Fre.txt) is not a part of the English version.

The general procedure for localizing an installation is described in the section Localizing a Windows Installer Package.

Copy the English version of MNP2000.msi and all the source files described in Planning the Installation into a new folder. Change the name of the MNP2000.msi in the folder to MNPFren.msi. In the following sections you will modify this copy to localize the application into French.