Authoring Disk Prompt Messages

Use the following guidelines to author a Windows Installer installation that displays a message box prompting the user to insert a disk.

To display a message box prompting the user to insert a disk

  1. Use the authoring capabilities of the installer to set the DiskPrompt property string in the Property table. This should include the name of the product being installed and a placeholder parameter within the string for the title printed on the disk. For example, for Microsoft Publisher the DiskPrompt property could be "Microsoft Publisher: Disk [1]", where [1] is the placeholder for the disk title.
  2. Enter the titles of each of the disks being prompted for into separate rows of the DiskPrompt column of the Media table. For example, the first and only entry into the Media table could be "1–Install."
  3. During the InstallFiles action the value from the DiskPrompt column of the Media table is substituted for the placeholder in the string of the DiskPrompt property.
  4. The message displayed by the message box is created from a built-in template string in the Error table. This is Error 1302 and the template string is: "Please insert the disk: [2]", and the [2] represents a placeholder for the DiskPrompt property.

The example displays the following message to the user: "Please insert the disk: Microsoft Publisher: Disk 1 – Install."

Note that disk prompt messages get displayed by all User Interface Levels except None.