CCPSearch Action

The CCPSearch action uses file signatures to validate that qualifying products are installed on a system before an upgrade installation is performed.

Sequence Restrictions

CCPSearch action should be authored into the InstallUISequence table and InstallExecuteSequence table. The installer prevents the CCPSearch action from running in the InstallExecuteSequence sequence if the action has already run in InstallUISequence sequence. The CCPSearch action must come before the RMCCPSearch action.

ActionData Messages

There are no ActionData messages.


The CCPSearch action searches for file signatures listed in the CCPSearch table on the system using the following tables in order: Signature, CompLocator, RegLocator, IniLocator, and DrLocator.

If any signature is determined to exist, the CCP_Success property is set to 1 and the CCPSearch action terminates.

The absence of the signature from the Signature table denotes a directory.