Database Tables

The following table identifies the Windows Installer database tables.

Table Description
ActionText Lists text in a progress dialog box or action log.
AdminExecuteSequence Lists ADMIN actions in sequence.
AdminUISequence Lists UI ADMIN actions in sequence.
AdvtExecuteSequence Lists ADVERTISE actions in sequence.
AdvtUISequence The Windows Installer does not use this table. The AdvtUISequence table should not exist in the installation database or it should be left empty.
AppId Specifies that the installer configure and register DCOM servers
AppSearch Lists properties used to search by file signature.
BBControl Lists controls displayed on each billboard.
Billboard Lists billboards displayed in full UI.
Binary Holds binary data for bitmaps and icons.
BindImage Lists executables bound to the DLLs.
CCPSearch Lists file signatures for the Compliance Checking Program.
CheckBox Lists the values for the check boxes.
Class Lists COM server information for product advertisement.
ComboBox Lists the values for each combo box.
CompLocator Find file or directory by installer configuration data.
Complus Contains information needed to install COM+ applications.
Component Lists installation components.
Condition Modifies feature selection states conditionally.
Control Lists the controls on each dialog box.
ControlCondition Lists actions applied to controls based on a property.
ControlEvent Specifies the actions of controls in dialog boxes.
CreateFolder Lists folders that must be created for a component.
CustomAction Integrates custom actions into the installation.
Dialog Lists dialog boxes in the user interface.
Directory Directory layout for the application.
DrLocator Lists file searches using the directory tree.
DuplicateFile Lists files to be duplicated.
Environment Lists the environment variables.
Error Lists error message formatting templates.
EventMapping Lists the events subscribed to by controls.
Extension Lists file name extension server information.
Feature Defines the logical tree structure of features.
FeatureComponents Defines features and component relationships.
File Complete list of source files with their attributes.
FileSFPCatalog Associates specified files with the catalog files.
Font Registry information for font files.
Icon Contains the icon files.
IniFile Information needed to set in an .ini file.
IniLocator Searches for file or directory using an .ini file.
InstallExecuteSequence Lists INSTALL actions in sequence.
InstallUISequence Lists UI INSTALL actions in sequence.
IsolatedComponent Lists Isolated Components.
LaunchCondition Lists conditions for the installation to begin.
ListBox Lists the values for all list boxes.
ListView Lists the values for all listviews.
LockPermissions Defines locked-down portions of the application.
Media Lists source media disks for the installation.
MIME Lists MIME content type, file name extension, or CLSID.
MoveFile Lists files to be moved or copied.
MsiAssembly Specifies Windows Installer settings for Microsoft .NET Framework assemblies and Win32 assemblies.
MsiAssemblyName Specifies the schema for the elements of a strong assembly cache name for a .NET Framework or Win32 assembly.
MsiDigitalCertificate Stores certificates in binary stream format and associates each certificate with a primary key.
MsiDigitalSignature Contains the signature information for every digitally-signed object in the installation database.
MsiEmbeddedChainer Each row in this table references a different user-defined function that can be used to install multiple Windows Installer packages from a single package. Windows Installer 4.0 and earlier: Not supported.
MsiEmbeddedUI Defines a user interface embedded in the Windows Installer package. Windows Installer 4.0 and earlier: Not supported.
MsiFileHash Stores a 128-bit hash of source files provided by the Windows Installer package.
MsiLockPermissionsEx Table Secures services, files, registry keys, and created folders. Windows Installer 4.5 and earlier: Not supported.
MsiPackageCertificate Lists digital signature certificates being used to verify the identity of installation packages that make this Multiple-Package Installation. Available beginning with Windows Installer 4.5.
MsiPatchCertificate Contains the information needed to enable User Account Control (UAC) Patching. Available beginning with Windows Installer 3.0.
MsiPatchHeaders Holds the binary patch header streams used for patch validation.
MsiPatchMetadata Holds information about a Windows Installer patch required to remove the patch and used by Add/Remove Programs. Available beginning with Windows Installer 3.0.
MsiPatchOldAssemblyName Specifies the old name for an assembly.
MsiPatchOldAssemblyFile Relates a file in the File Table to an assembly name.
MsiPatchSequence Contains the information required to determine the sequence of application of a small update patch relative to all other patches. Available beginning with Windows Installer 3.0.
MsiServiceConfig Configures a service that is installed or being installed by the current package. Windows Installer 4.5 and earlier: Not supported.
MsiServiceConfigFailureActions Lists operations to be run after a service fails. The operations specified in this table run the next time the system is started. Windows Installer 4.5 and earlier: Not supported.
MsiSFCBypass Lists files that should bypass Windows File Protection on Windows Me.
ODBCAttribute Lists attributes of ODBC drivers and translators.
ODBCDataSource Lists data sources belonging to the installation.
ODBCDriver Lists ODBC drivers belonging to the installation.
ODBCSourceAttribute Lists the attributes of data sources.
ODBCTranslator Lists ODBC translators of the installation.
Patch Lists files that are to receive a particular patch.
PatchPackage Lists all patch packages applied to this product.
ProgId Lists information for program IDs.
Property Lists property names and values for all properties.
PublishComponent Lists information used for component publishing.
RadioButton Lists buttons for all the radio button groups.
Registry Lists registry information for the application.
RegLocator Searches for file or directory using the registry.
RemoveFile Lists files to be removed by RemoveFiles action.
RemoveIniFile Lists information needed to delete from an .ini file.
RemoveRegistry Lists information needed to delete from system registry.
ReserveCost Reserves disk space in any directory conditionally.
SelfReg Lists information about self-registered modules.
ServiceControl Controls installed or uninstalled services.
ServiceInstall Lists information used to install a service.
SFPCatalog Lists SFP catalogs.
Shortcut Lists information needed to create shortcuts.
Signature Lists the unique file signatures that identify files.
TextStyle Lists text styles used in the text controls.
TypeLib Lists registry information for type libraries.
UIText Lists localized versions of some strings used in the user interface.
Verb Lists command-verb information for file name extensions.
_Validation Lists column names and values for all tables.
_Columns Read-only column catalog.
_Streams Lists embedded OLE data streams.
_Storages Lists embedded OLE sub-storages.
_Tables Read-only system table listing all the tables.
_TransformView Table A read-only temporary table used to view transforms.
Upgrade Lists information used in an upgrade of an application.