DirectoryListNew ControlEvent

This event notifies the DirectoryList control that a new folder must be created; it creates the new folder, and selects the name field of the folder for editing. The default name of the new folder may be authored in the UIText table. Enter "NewFolder" into the Key column. Enter the value for the default name of the new folder into the Text column. This value must be in the form of a Filename column data type and use the SFN|LFN syntax. If this value is not present in the UIText table or is an invalid value, the installer uses a default value of "Fldr|New Folder." For related information, see Browse Dialog.

This event should be published by a PushButton Control located on the same dialog box as the control subscribing to this event. The event should be authored in the ControlEvent table.

This ControlEvent requires the user interface to be run at the full UI level. This event will not work with a reduced UI or basic UI. For information, see User Interface Levels.

Note that if this ControlEvent is called again when a new folder already exists, a second new folder will not be created. In this case, calling DirectoryListNew selects the existing new folder's name for editing.

Published By



This ControlEvent does not use an argument.

Action on Subscribers

This ControlEvent does not perform an action on subscribers.

Typical Use

A PushButton control on the same modal dialog box as the DirectoryList is used to trigger the creation of a new folder.