DrLocator Table

The DrLocator table holds the information needed to find a file or directory by searching the directory tree.

The DrLocator table has the following columns.

Column Type Key Nullable
Signature_ Identifier Y N
Parent Identifier Y Y
Path AnyPath Y Y
Depth Integer N Y




The Signature_ column is an external key to the first column of the Signature table. This field may represent a unique file signature listed in the Signature table. If the value in this column is absent from the Signature table, then the search is assumed to be for a directory pointed to by the DrLocator table.


This column is the signature of the parent directory of the file or directory in the Signature_ column. If this field is null, and the Path column does not expand to a full path, then all the fixed drives of the user's system are searched by using the Path.

This field is a key into one of the following tables: the RegLocator, the IniLocator, the CompLocator, or the DrLocator tables.


The Path column contains the path on the user's system. This is a either a full path or a relative subpath below the directory specified in the Parent column. See the restrictions on the AnyPath data type.


The depth below the path that the installer searches for the file or directory specified in the Signature_ column. The value used in the Depth field is based on zero. For example, if the Path field is c:/Program Files/bin, the Depth column must be set to 0 or greater, to detect a file located inside the folder bin. If the Depth field is empty, the depth is assumed to be zero.


This table is used with the AppSearch Table.

This table's columns are generally not localized. If an author decides to search for products in multiple languages, then there must be a separate entry included in the table for each language.

See Searching for Existing Applications, Files, Registry Entries or .ini File Entries.