ExecuteAction Action

The ExecuteAction action initiates the execution sequence using the EXECUTEACTION property to determine which type of installation to perform.

Sequence Restrictions

This action should be sequenced after all information collection necessary to begin the installation is complete. Additional actions may be sequenced after ExecuteAction action in the InstallUISequence table, and AdminUISequence table. A sequence will typically begin with costing actions, such as the CostInitialize action, followed by the user interface actions, and then the ExecuteAction action.

ActionData Messages

There are no ActionData messages.


The ExecuteAction action is run with system privileges if the installer service is enabled. The top-level actions, such as the INSTALL action, ADVERTISE action, and ADMIN action include internal logic that determines whether calling the ExecuteAction action requires either the execution sequence or the user interface sequence to run.

InstallUISequence table

AdminUISequence table

CostInitialize action