File Installation

Once file costing has been completed, the installer has all the information required to process the two file manipulation actions: DuplicateFiles and MoveFiles.

Use the DuplicateFiles action to specify the files the installer is to duplicate in the DuplicateFile table. Use the MoveFiles actionto determine which files to move by querying the MoveFile table.

Note that the Options field of the MoveFile table specifies whether or not the original file is to be deleted from its current location. Files that are moved or copied by the MoveFiles action are not deleted when the product is uninstalled.

The InstallFiles action is called once all other file manipulation operations have completed. The InstallFiles action processes the Media table, the File table, and the Component table to determine which files will be copied from the source to the destination.

The InstallFiles action creates the directory structure necessary to install all files. If an explicitly empty folder is required to be installed, the CreateFolders action may be called to create it.