ICE55 validates that all LockPermission objects exist and have valid permission values.


ICE55 post an error if a LockObject listed in the LockPermissions table does not exist or if no privilege level is specified in the Permission column.


ICE55 would report the following errors for the example.

LockObject 'File1'.'File'.''.'guest' in the LockPermissions table 
    has a null Permission value. 
Could not find item 'File3' in table 'File' which is referenced 
    in the LockPermissions table.

LockPermissions Table (partial)

LockObject Table Domain User Permission
File1 File guest
File3 File guest 1


File Table (partial)

File Version Language
File1 File2
File2 1033


The object File1 has a null in the Permission column. Each row must have a value in the Permissions column. To fix this error specify a numeric value in this column. If no privileges are needed for this object then you should remove the row.

The object File3 described in the LockPermissions table is not listed in the File table. To fix this error refer to a valid object.

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