Manage Summary Information

The VBScript file WiSumInf.vbs is provided in the Windows SDK Components for Windows Installer Developers. This sample script can be used to manage the summary information stream of a Windows Installer package.

The sample demonstrates the use of:

Using this sample requires the CScript.exe or WScript.exe version of Windows Script Host. To use CScript.exe to run this sample, type a command at the command prompt using the following syntax. Help is displayed if the first argument is /? or if too few arguments are specified. To redirect the output to a file, end the command line with VBS > [path to file]. The sample returns a value of 0 for success, 1 if help is invoked, and 2 if the script fails.

cscript WiSumInf.vbs [path to database][Property=value]

Specify the path to the Windows Installer database. If no other arguments are specified, the script lists all the summary properties for the package. Specify a list of summary properties and values to be updated using the format Property=value. You may specify the property by either the name or PID value shown below. Date and time fields use current locale format, or "Now" or "Date". For more information, see Summary Information Stream Property Set.

PID Name Description
1 Codepage ANSI codepage of text strings in summary information. For more information, see Codepage Summary Property.
2 Title Type of Windows Installer package. For more information, see Title Summary Property.
3 Subject Full Product name . For more information, see Subject Summary Property.
4 Author Creator, typically vendor name. For more information, see Author Summary Property.
5 Keywords List of keywords for use by file browser. For more information, see Keywords Summary Property.
6 Comments Description of purpose or use of package. For more information, see Comments Summary Property.
7 Template Supported platforms and languages. For more information, see Template Summary Property.
8 LastAuthor Set only by the installer. For more information, see Last Saved By Summary Property.
9 Revision Package code GUID. For more information, see Revision Number Summary Property.
11 Printed Date and time of installation image. For more information, see Last Printed Summary Property.
12 Created Date and time of package creation. For more information, see Create Time/Date Summary Property.
13 Saved Date and time of last package modification. For more information, see Last Saved Time/Date Summary Property.
14 Pages Minimum version of Windows Installer required for this package. For more information, see Page Count Summary Property.
15 Words Type of source file image. For more information, see Word Count Summary Property.Starting with Windows Installer version 4.0 on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, this property includes bits to specify whether elevated privileges are required.
16 Characters Used for transforms only. Character Count.
18 Application Application associated with this file, i.e. "Windows Installer". For more information, see Creating Application Summary Property.
19 Security Security setting. For more information, see Security Summary Property.


For additional scripting examples, see Windows Installer Scripting Examples. For sample utilities that do not require Windows Script Host, see Windows Installer Development Tools.