ReinstallMode ControlEvent

The ReinstallMode ControlEventallows the author to specify the validation mode or modes during a reinstallation, and while the current dialog box is running.

This event can be published by a PushButton Control or a SelectionTree control. This event should be authored into the ControlEvent table, and requires the user interface to be run at the full UI level. This event does not work with a reduced UI or basic UI. For more information, see User Interface Levels.

Published By

This ControlEvent is published by the installer.


A string. For a list of possible values, see REINSTALLMODE property.

Action on Subscribers

This ControlEvent does not perform an action on subscribers.

Typical Use

This event is tied to a PushButton control on a modal dialog box. The same PushButton control should also be tied to a Reinstall ControlEvent.