Searching for a File and Creating a Property Holding the File's Path

To search for a file and create a property holding the path of that file

  1. First do a search for the file by listing the file signature and name in the Signature Table.

    The remaining fields of this record can be left empty to specify a search for any version of MyApp.exe.

    Signature Table (partial)

    Signature File name


  2. Next, specify the path of the file that is being searched for in the DrLocator Table.

    Because AppFolder is not listed in the Signature Table, the Installer determines that AppFolder is a folder rather than a file.

    DrLocator Table

    Signature Parent Path Depth


  3. Finally, populate the AppSearch Table so that the AppSearch Action returns the path of AppFolder.

    After the Installer executes the AppSearch action, the value of MYFOLDER is the full path of AppFolder.

    AppSearch Table (partial)

    Property Signature