SelectionBrowse ControlEvent

The SelectionTree control uses the SelectionBrowse event to spawn a Browse dialog box making it possible to modify the path of the highlighted item.

This event should be published by a PushButton Control located on the same dialog box as the control subscribing to this event. The event should be authored in the ControlEvent table.

This ControlEvent requires the user interface to be run at the full UI level. This event will not work with a reduced UI or basic UI. For information, see User Interface Levels.

Any controls that publish a SelectionBrowse event become disabled if a feature has been selected that is already installed, not configurable, or not selected for local installation. To be configurable, the feature must have a public property entered in the Directory_ field of the Feature table.

Published By



The name of the dialog to be spawned.

Action on Subscribers


Typical Use

A PushButton control on the same modal dialog box as the SelectionTree uses this event to trigger the Browse dialog box.