SetTargetPath ControlEvent

The SetTargetPath event notifies the installer to check and set the selected path. If the path is not valid to be written to, then the installer blocks further ControlEvents associated with the control.

This event can be published by a PushButton Controlor a SelectionTree control. This event should be authored into the ControlEvent table.

This ControlEvent requires the user interface to be run at the full UI level. This event will not work with a reduced UI or basic UI. For information, see User Interface Levels.

Published By

This ControlEvent is published by the installer.


The name of the property containing the path. If the property is indirected, then the property name is enclosed in square brackets.

Action on Subscribers


Typical Use

A PushButton control on a browse dialog is tied to this event in the ControlEvent table to check the selected path before returning to the selection dialog.


Do not attempt to configure the target path if the components using those paths are already installed for the current user or for a different user. Check the ProductState property before publishing the SetTargetPath ControlEvent to determine if the product containing the component is installed.