UnregisterProgIdInfo Action

The UnregisterProgIdInfo action manages the unregistration of OLE ProgId information with the system.

Sequence Restrictions

The UnregisterProgIdInfo action must come after the InstallInitialize action, UnregisterClassInfo action, UnregisterExtensioninfo action, and before the RegisterProgIdInfo action.

RemoveRegistryValues must come before UnregisterProgIdInfo in the sequence.

The sequencing of the actions in the following group is restricted. If any subset of these actions occur together in a sequence table, they must have the same relative sequence order as shown:

For example, UnregisterProgIdInfo must come before UnregisterMIMEInfo in the sequence table.

ActionData Messages

Field Description of action data
[1] Program identifier of registered program.



The UnregisterProgIdInfo action removes ProgId information from the registry (ProgId Table) for features that are connected to the extension information (Extension table) or the Class information (Class table) and are currently selected to be uninstalled.