Distributed Routing Table Enumerations

The following enumerations support the Distributed Routing Table (DRT) API.

Enumeration Description
DRT_SCOPE Defines the set of IPv6 scopes in which DRT will operate when using the IPv6 UDP transport created by DrtCreateIpv6UdpTransport.
DRT_ADDRESS_FLAGS Defines the set of responses that may be returned by an intermediate node when performing a search for a key.
DRT_STATUS Defines the possible connectivity and error states of a local node.
DRT_MATCH_TYPE Defines the exactness of results returned when a search is performed.
DRT_LEAFSET_KEY_CHANGE_TYPE Defines the set of change types that can be performed on a local leaf set node in the local DRT cache.
DRT_EVENT_TYPE Defines the set of events that can be raised by the DRT.
DRT_SECURITY_MODE Defines the possible security modes of the DRT. This enumeration is a field of the DRT_SETTINGS structure.
DRT_REGISTRATION_STATE Defines the state of a registered key.


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