This topic is not current. For the most current information, see the Print Schema Specification.

Describes the hole punching characteristics of the output. Each document is punched separately. The JobHolePunch and DocumentHolePunch keywords are mutually exclusive. Both should not be specified simultaneously in a PrintTicket or Print Capabilities document.

Element Information

Name Value
Element Type
Scoping Prefix
Top, Bottom, Left, and Right are relative to the PageImageableSize.

Structural Content

The XML structure of this element is:

<psf:Feature name="psk:DocumentHolePunch">
  <psf:Property name="psf:SelectionType">
    <psf:Value xsi:type="xs:string">psk:PickOne</psf:Value>
  <psf:Option name="psk:_OptionName_">
    <psf:Property name="psf:IdentityOption">
      <psf:Value xsi:type="xs:string">_IdentityOptionValue_</psf:Value>

Structure Variables

The following table outlines the characteristics of the variables defined in the XML structure.

Name Data type Unit Supported values Summary
Valid fully qualified name as defined by Namespaces in XML. If no namespace is specified, default namespace is assumed.
The name of the option.
True, False.
Defines an Option which when selected would disable this feature.

Extensible Markup Language (XML) Content

The public Print Schema keywords are defined in the namespace. The public Extensible Markup Language (XML) content for this keyword is defined below:

<psf:Feature name="psk:DocumentHolePunch">
  <psf:Property name="psf:SelectionType">
    <psf:Value xsi:type="xs:string">psk:PickOne</psf:Value>
  <!-- Specifies hole(s) along the bottom edge. -->
  <psf:Option name="psk:BottomEdge" />
  <!-- Specifies hole(s) along the left edge. -->
  <psf:Option name="psk:LeftEdge" />
  <!-- Specifies no hole punching. -->
  <psf:Option name="psk:None" />
  <!-- Specifies hole(s) along the right edge. -->
  <psf:Option name="psk:RightEdge" />
  <!-- Specifies hole(s) along the top edge. -->
  <psf:Option name="psk:TopEdge" />

Print Schema Specification