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Specifies black generation behavior for CMYK separations.

Element Information

Name Value
Element Type
Scoping Prefix

Structural Content

The XML structure of this element is:

<psf:Feature name="psk:PageBlackGenerationProcessing">
  <psf:Property name="psf:SelectionType">
    <psf:Value xsi:type="xs:string">psk:PickOne</psf:Value>
  <psf:Option name="psk:_OptionName_">
    <psf:Property name="psf:IdentityOption">
      <psf:Value xsi:type="xs:string">_IdentityOptionValue_</psf:Value>

Structure Variables

The following table outlines the characteristics of the variables defined in the XML structure.

Name Data type Unit Supported values Summary
Valid fully qualified name as defined by Namespaces in XML. If no namespace is specified, default namespace is assumed.
The name of the option.
True, False.
Defines an Option which when selected would disable this feature.

Extensible Markup Language (XML) Content

The public Print Schema keywords are defined in the namespace. The public Extensible Markup Language (XML) content for this keyword is defined below:

<psf:Feature name="psk:PageBlackGenerationProcessing">
  <psf:Option name="psk:Automatic" />
  <psf:Option name="psk:Custom">
    <!-- The max allowable sum of the four ink coverages anywhere in an image. -->
    <psf:ScoredProperty name="psk:TotalInkCoverageLimit">
      <psf:ParameterRef name="psk:PageBlackGenerationProcessingTotalInkCoverageLimit" />
    <!-- The maximum allowed K channel value. -->
    <psf:ScoredProperty name="psk:BlackInkLimit">
      <psf:ParameterRef name="psk:PageBlackGenerationProcessingBlackInkLimit" />
    <!-- The percentage of gray component replacement to perform. -->
    <psf:ScoredProperty name="psk:GrayComponentReplacementLevel">
      <psf:ParameterRef name="psk:PageBlackGenerationProcessingGrayComponentReplacementLevel" />
    <!-- The point in the highlight to shadow range where GCR should start (100% = darkest shadow). -->
    <psf:ScoredProperty name="psk:GrayComponentReplacementStart">
      <psf:ParameterRef name="psk:PageBlackGenerationProcessingGrayComponentReplacementStart" />
    <!-- The extented beyond neutrals (into chromatic colors) that GCR applies.  0% = Undercolor component replacement, 100% = Gray component replacement.  -->
    <psf:ScoredProperty name="psk:GrayComponentReplacementExtent">
      <psf:ParameterRef name="psk:PageBlackGenerationProcessingGrayComponentReplacementExtent" />
    <!-- The shadow level below which UCA will be applied.  -->
    <psf:ScoredProperty name="psk:UnderColorAdditionStart">
      <psf:ParameterRef name="psk:PageBlackGenerationProcessingUnderColorAdditionStart" />
    <!-- The amount chromatic ink (in gray component ratios) to add to areas where GCR/UCR has generated "BlackInkLimit" (or UCAStart, if specified) in the dark neutrals and near-neutral areas.  -->
    <psf:ScoredProperty name="psk:UnderColorAdditionLevel">
      <psf:ParameterRef name="psk:PageBlackGenerationProcessingUnderColorAdditionLevel" />

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