Subject Names

The subject field of a PKCS #10 certificate request contains the distinguished name of the entity requesting the certificate.

CertificationRequestInfo ::= SEQUENCE 
   version                 CertificationRequestInfoVersion,
   subject                 Name,
   subjectPublicKeyInfo    SubjectPublicKeyInfo,
   attributes              [0] IMPLICIT Attributes

The distinguished name consists of a sequence of relative distinguished names (RDNs). Each RDN consists of a set of attributes, and each attribute consists of an object identifier and a value. The data type of the value is identified by the DirectoryString structure.

Name ::= SEQUENCE OF RelativeDistinguishedName

RelativeDistinguishedName ::= SET OF AttributeTypeValue

AttributeTypeValue ::= SEQUENCE 
   type       EncodedObjectID,
   value      ANY 

DirectoryString ::= CHOICE 
   teletexString           TeletexString (SIZE (1..MAX)),
   printableString         PrintableString (SIZE (1..MAX)),
   universalString         UniversalString (SIZE (1..MAX)),
   utf8String              UTF8String (SIZE (1..MAX)),
   bmpString               BMPString (SIZE (1..MAX)) 

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