Cryptography Constants

The following constants are used by cryptography functions and defined in Wincrypt.h. Cryptography constants are categorized according to usage as follows.

Constant Description
Constants for CryptEncodeObject and CryptDecodeObject Predefined constants used with Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) encode and decode operations.
Constants for Netscape Extensions Predefined constants used for Netscape certificate extensions. This section provides details on the use of these extensions with ASN.1 encoding and decode operations.
Cryptographic Provider Names Predefined string constants for the names of common cryptographic service providers (CSPs).
MAXUIDLEN A numeric constant that specifies the maximum number of characters that some of the Microsoft cryptographic providers will use when obtaining the user ID.
Private Key Caching Constants Constants that represent registry entries that control private key caching by a CSP.
Protocol Flags Predefined constants for cryptography protocols.