HashedData object

[CAPICOM is a 32-bit only component that is available for use in the following operating systems: Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Instead, use the HashAlgorithm Class in the System.Security.Cryptography namespace.]

The HashedData object provides functionality for hashing a string.

When to use

The HashedData object is used to perform the following tasks:

  • Specify the content string that contains the data to be hashed.
  • Apply a specified hash algorithm to the content string.


The HashedData object has these types of members:


The HashedData object has these methods.

Method Description
Hash Creates a hash of the specified string.



The HashedData object has these properties.

Property Access type Description
Sets or retrieves the type of hashing algorithm used.
Retrieves the hashed data after successful calls to the Hash method. The hash is returned in hexadecimal format. This is the default property.



To create the hash of a large amount of data, call the Hash method for each piece of data. The hash of each piece of data is concatenated to the Value property until the property is read. The contents of the Value property are reset when the property is read.

The HashedData object can be created, and it is safe for scripting. The ProgID for the HashedData object is "CAPICOM.HashedData.1".


Requirement Value
End of client support
Windows Vista
End of server support
Windows Server 2008
CAPICOM 2.0 or later on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP