Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider

The Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider is the initial cryptographic service provider (CSP) provider, and is distributed with CryptoAPI versions 1.0 and 2.0. It is a general-purpose provider that supports digital signatures and data encryption.

The RSA public key algorithm is used for all public key operations.

To maintain backward compatibility with earlier versions the new version of the provider retains the version 1.0 designation of the name in Wincrypt.h. However, version 2.0 of this provider is currently shipping. To determine the actual version of the provider in use, call CryptGetProvParam with the dwParam argument set to PP_VERSION. If 0x0200 is returned in pbData, then you have version 2.0.

Provider type PROV_RSA_FULL
Provider name MS_DEF_PROV