folderType Element (Library Schema)

The <folderType> element specifies a GUID for the folder type. This element is required if the <templateInfo> element exists, otherwise it is optional. This element has no attributes and no child elements.


<!-- folderType -->
    <xs:element name="templateInfo" minOccurs="0">
          <xs:element name="folderType" minOccurs="0"/>

Element Information

Parent Element Child Elements
templateInfo Element (Library Schema)



Setting a folder type determines the columns and details that appear in Windows Explorer by default. Folder type identifiers (FOLDERTYPEID) are GUIDs defined in Shlguid.h. The following table lists the GUIDs of common folder types.

Folder Type GUID
Generic Library {5f4eab9a-6833-4f61-899d-31cf46979d49}
Users Libraries {C4D98F09-6124-4fe0-9942-826416082DA9}
Documents Folder {7D49D726-3C21-4F05-99AA-FDC2C9474656}
Pictures Folder {B3690E58-E961-423B-B687-386EBFD83239}
Videos Folder {5fa96407-7e77-483c-ac93-691d05850de8}
Games Folder {b689b0d0-76d3-4cbb-87f7-585d0e0ce070}
Music Folder {94d6ddcc-4a68-4175-a374-bd584a510b78}
Contacts {DE2B70EC-9BF7-4A93-BD3D-243F7881D492}


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