MS-DOS Date and Time

MS-DOS date and MS-DOS time are packed 16-bit values that specify the month, day, year, and time of day an MS-DOS file was last written to. MS-DOS records the date and time whenever an MS-DOS application creates or writes to a file. MS-DOS applications retrieve this date and time using MS-DOS functions. When you use the GetFileTime function to retrieve the file times for files that were created by MS-DOS, GetFileTime automatically converts MS-DOS dates and times to UTC-based times.

If you encounter an MS-DOS date and time that has not been converted, you can convert it to a UTC-based time by using the DosDateTimeToFileTime function. This function copies the converted date and time to a FILETIME structure. You can convert the value back to an MS-DOS date and time by using the FileTimeToDosDateTime function.