_IAnalysisEvents::Results event

Occurs when the final analysis stage is finished.


HRESULT Results(
  [in] IInkAnalyzer    *pInkAnalyzer,
  [in] IAnalysisStatus *pAnalysisStatus


pInkAnalyzer [in]

The IInkAnalyzer that produces the analysis results.

pAnalysisStatus [in]

The IAnalysisStatus object that represents the status of the analysis.

Return value

For a description of the return values, see Classes and Interfaces - Ink Analysis.


The IInkAnalyzer raises this event after it has reconciled the results for the final analysis stage.

If your application calls IInkAnalyzer::BackgroundAnalyze Method, this event signals when analysis results are ready.

If your application maintains its own data structure, which is synchronized with that of the IInkAnalyzer, this event indicates that the IInkAnalyzer has finished making changes to its internal data for this analysis stage.

Lock your data structure when the IInkAnalyzer raises the _IAnalysisProxyEvents::InkAnalyzerStateChanging event. Changes to your data structure during this phase of analysis can cause errors in ink analysis and synchronization. Unlock your data structure when the IInkAnalyzer raises the _IAnalysisEvents::IntermediateResults or _IAnalysisEvents::Results event.

For more information about synchronizing your application data with the IInkAnalyzer, see Data Proxy with Ink Analysis.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server
None supported
IACom.h (also requires IACom_i.c)

See also




IInkAnalyzer::Analyze Method

IInkAnalyzer::BackgroundAnalyze Method


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