InkPicture Control

The InkPicture control enables you to place an image (.jpg, .bmp, .png, or .gif format) in an application that users can add ink to. It is intended for scenarios in which ink need not be recognized as text but is stored as ink.

Users add ink to a transparent layer using a pen. Users can re-size an InkPicture window without losing any ink information, even if the ink is cropped when re-sizing.

The InkPicture control includes basic printing support; however, it is up to you to implement print preview or other advanced printing capabilities.

The managed (.NET Framework) implementation of InkPicture inherits from the PictureBox class.

By default, ink is colored black if not in high-contrast mode; otherwise, it is set to the current system color setting (COLOR_WINDOWTEXT) value. Also, by default FitToCurve is FALSE.

Within the InkPicture control, use the Ink object to load and save ink.


When you set the EditingMode to Delete or Select, other events (such as the Stroke event) are triggered. These events are useful if you want to implement your own delete or select modes.


For detailed reference information about the InkPicture control, see InkPicture.

The following sections detail the use of the InkPicture control: