Title Element

Contains title information about the Journal note.


<xs:element name="Title" type="TitleType" minOccurs="0" />

Parent Elements


Child Elements



Attribute Type Required Description Possible Values
Style xs:string Required Specifies the type of border surrounding the title of the note.
  • None
  • SolidSquare
  • OutlineSquare
  • SolidRoundRect
  • OutlineRoundRect
  • SolidRoundRectDottedBaseline
DateStyle xs:string Required Defines whether the title includes a date or not.
  • None
  • Short
Color ColorType simpleType Optional Specifies the color of the background. See ColorType simpleType.


Element Information

Element Value
Element type TitleType complexType
Namespace urn:schemas-microsoft-com:tabletpc:richink
Schema name Journal Reader