IMsTscNonScriptable interface

Contains properties and methods that relate to application of a password to the Remote Desktop ActiveX control.

The main use of the IMsTscNonScriptable interface is to configure automatic password logon access to Remote Desktop Session Host (RD Session Host) servers in scenarios where the Remote Desktop ActiveX control is hosted in a custom-written container. When automatic logon is configured, the user does not receive the Windows Logon dialog box at connection time.

On some platforms, the methods of the IMsTscNonScriptable interface can be used to specify passwords in one of three supported formats:

  • Plaintext
  • Portable encoded
  • Binary (nonportable) encoded

Note that a password in an encoded format consists of two parts:

  • Encoded password part.
  • Salt value part.

Both parts are required to set an encoded password. Neither the encoded password part nor the salt value part should be considered securely encrypted.

Scriptable access to plaintext passwords is available through the ClearTextPassword property of the scriptable interface IMsRdpClientAdvancedSettings.

The IMsTscNonScriptable interface can be accessed only through the vtable.


The IMsTscNonScriptable interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IMsTscNonScriptable also has these types of members:


The IMsTscNonScriptable interface has these methods.

Method Description
ResetPassword Resets all password states in the control.


The IMsTscNonScriptable interface has these properties.

Property Access type Description
This property is not supported.
This property is not supported.
The Remote Desktop ActiveX control password, in plaintext format.
This property is not supported.
This property is not supported.


Providing a password to the Remote Desktop ActiveX control is optional. If you provide a password to the control, you should apply only one of the preceding three formats to the control before initiating the connection with a call to the Connect method.


You can also enable automatic logon at the server with the Remote Desktop Services configuration tool (Tscc.msc.) An administrator can use this tool to assign a specific password to a connection in a situation where an automated logon is necessary.

For more information about Remote Desktop Web Connection, see Requirements for Remote Desktop Web Connection.

The IMsTscNonScriptable interface has been extended by the following interfaces, with each new interface inheriting all the methods and properties of the previous interfaces:


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client
Windows Vista
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2008
Type library
CLSID_MsRdpClient is defined as 791fa017-2de3-492e-acc5-53c67a2b94d0
CLSID_MsRdpClient10 is defined as C0EFA91A-EEB7-41C7-97FA-F0ED645EFB24
CLSID_MsRdpClient10NotSafeForScripting is defined as A0C63C30-F08D-4AB4-907C-34905D770C7D
CLSID_MsRdpClient2 is defined as 9059F30F-4EB1-4BD2-9FDC-36F43A218F4A
CLSID_MsRdpClient2a is defined as 971127BB-259F-48C2-BD75-5F97A3331551
CLSID_MsRdpClient2NotSafeForScripting is defined as 3523C2FB-4031-44E4-9A3B-F1E94986EE7F
CLSID_MsRdpClient3 is defined as 7584C670-2274-4EFB-B00B-D6AABA6D3850
CLSID_MsRdpClient3a is defined as 6A6F4B83-45C5-4CA9-BDD9-0D81C12295E4
CLSID_MsRdpClient3NotSafeForScripting is defined as ACE575FD-1FCF-4074-9401-EBAB990FA9DE
CLSID_MsRdpClient4 is defined as 4EDCB26C-D24C-4E72-AF07-B576699AC0DE
CLSID_MsRdpClient4a is defined as 54CE37E0-9834-41AE-9896-4DAB69DC022B
CLSID_MsRdpClient4NotSafeForScripting is defined as 6AE29350-321B-42BE-BBE5-12FB5270C0DE
CLSID_MsRdpClient5 is defined as 4EB89FF4-7F78-4A0F-8B8D-2BF02E94E4B2
CLSID_MsRdpClient5NotSafeForScripting is defined as 4EB2F086-C818-447E-B32C-C51CE2B30D31
CLSID_MsRdpClient6 is defined as 7390F3D8-0439-4C05-91E3-CF5CB290C3D0
CLSID_MsRdpClient6NotSafeForScripting is defined as D2EA46A7-C2BF-426B-AF24-E19C44456399
CLSID_MsRdpClient7 is defined as A9D7038D-B5ED-472E-9C47-94BEA90A5910
CLSID_MsRdpClient7NotSafeForScripting is defined as 54D38BF7-B1EF-4479-9674-1BD6EA465258
CLSID_MsRdpClient8 is defined as 5F681803-2900-4C43-A1CC-CF405404A676
CLSID_MsRdpClient8NotSafeForScripting is defined as A3BC03A0-041D-42E3-AD22-882B7865C9C5
CLSID_MsRdpClient9 is defined as 301B94BA-5D25-4A12-BFFE-3B6E7A616585
CLSID_MsRdpClient9NotSafeForScripting is defined as 8B918B82-7985-4C24-89DF-C33AD2BBFBCD
CLSID_MsRdpClientNotSafeForScripting is defined as 7CACBD7B-0D99-468F-AC33-22E495C0AFE5
CLSID_MsTscAx is defined as 1FB464C8-09BB-4017-A2F5-EB742F04392F
CLSID_MsTscAxNotSafeForScripting is defined as A41A4187-5A86-4E26-B40A-856F9035D9CB
IID_IMsTscNonScriptable is defined as C1E6743A-41C1-4A74-832A-0DD06C1C7A0E

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