SetUserAuthenticationRequired method of the Win32_TSGeneralSetting class

Enables or disables the requirement that users must be authenticated at connection time by setting the value of the UserAuthenticationRequired property in the Win32_TSGeneralSetting class. If True, which means enabled, UserAuthenticationRequired requires user authentication at connection time to increase server protection against network attacks. Only Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) clients that support RDP version 6.0 or higher are able to connect. To avoid disruptions for remote users, it is recommended that you deploy RDP clients supporting the appropriate protocol version before you enable the property.


uint32 SetUserAuthenticationRequired(
  [in] uint32 UserAuthenticationRequired


UserAuthenticationRequired [in]

Indicates whether user authentication is required.

0 (0x0)

Disable requirement that user must be authenticated

1 (0x1)

Enables requirement that user must be authenticated.

Return value

Returns 0 on success, otherwise returns a WMI error code. Refer to Remote Desktop Services WMI Provider Error Codes for a list of these values.


Managed Object Format (MOF) files contain the definitions for Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes. MOF files are not installed as part of the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK). They are installed on the server when you add the associated role by using the Server Manager. For more information about MOF files, see Managed Object Format (MOF).


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client
Windows Vista
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2008

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