Device Host API Reference

The following interfaces are part of the Device Host API with UPnP technology. The Device Host with UPnP technology supports Microsoft Visual Basic and C++.

This API does not provide support for Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript).

Interface Description
IUPnPDeviceControl Used by the device host to manage devices and related services.
IUPnPDeviceProvider Used by the device host to start and stop device providers.
IUPnPEventSink Used by devices to send event notifications to the device host.
IUPnPEventSource Used by the device host to subscribe or unsubscribe to events provided by the hosted service.
IUPnPRegistrar Used by devices to register with the device host.
IUPnPRemoteEndpointInfo Used by devices to obtain information about a requester (that is, a control point) and the request.
IUPnPReregistrar Used by devices to re-register with the device host.