Working with Selectability and Logical Paths

A writer's participation in a backup or restore operation, and which of its data are saved, depends on which of its components are explicitly included as part of a requester's Backup Components Document and the relationship between those components and the logical path of other components within the Writer Metadata Document.

Writers with no components added to a requester's Backup Component Document prior to the generation of a PrepareForBackup event (in the case of backup operations) or of a PreRestore event (in the case of restore operations) receive no events after this point and will not participate in the backup or restore operation.

However, a requester's freedom to include or exclude any given component in a backup or restore is governed by the following:

  • Any hierarchy that exists between the components managed by a writer and expressed by logical paths
  • Whether the component is designated as being selectable for backup
  • Whether it is designated as being selectable for restore
  • Whether an explicit dependency exists between a given component in a given writer and other components in other writers

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