About Windows Connect Now

Windows Connect Now (WCN) provides a simple and secure mechanism for network access points and devices (like printers, camera, and PCs) to connect and exchange settings. This API is the Microsoft implementation of the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)/Wi-Fi Simple Configuration (WSC) protocol, which was created by the Wi-Fi Alliance as a solution for home networking and small businesses. This technology is not intended for enterprise scenarios.


The specification name changed between version 1.0h and version 2. The version 1.0h specification was named Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Starting with version 2 specification, the specification is named Wi-Fi Simple Configuration (WSC). In our documentation, the terms WPS and WSC are used interchangeably unless noted.


Windows Connect Now enables applications to search for WCN-capable devices using the Function Discovery API. The scope of a search can be narrowed down to a specific SSID, state, category, or even broadened to include all WCN-capable devices. Once devices are located, the WCN API allows communication with the WCN-capable device in order to facilitate configuration or connectivity.